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Water heater repair & installation

  • Tank-less and round tank water heaters

  • Under mount water heaters

  • R.V. and camp ground water heaters

  • Water heater warranties up to 10 years

  • Install carbon monoxide units

​Bathroom renovation

  • Blue print friendly

  • Install/relocate any water, drain, or gas lines

  • New shower valves

  • Rain head showers

  • New toilets, including bidet and urinals

  • Walk-in floor drains

  • Drain, waste, and vents stub out (D.W.V. - stub out)

  • Install/relocate washer drain lines

  • Locate pipes in walls/slabs before renovation

Water piping repair & installation

  • Reroute

  • Back flow valves

  • Pressure reducing valves (P.R.V.)

  • Up size

  • Flush

  • Foul odor and taste removal​

Repair/replace/install plumbing fixtures​

  • Tubs

  • Jacuzzi

  • Steamer heater for walk in showers

  • Toilets

  • Kitchen faucets

  • Lavatory faucets

  • Water fountains

  • Disposals

  • Exterior faucets

Slab leaks

  • Repair/Replace/Reroute all water or drain lines under

concrete slabs

Day care annual gas test with inspection report

  • Gas testing and reports for Fire Marshalls

  • Repair/replace gas lines


  • Repair/Replace/Install new floor mount or wall mount

  • Install toilet seat mount bidets

Repair/replace sewer lines

  • New Lay out

  • Re-route

  • Install sewer line clean out access

  • Cap off line

  • Camera line

  • City Tap Location

  • Transitions (cross over from septic to City)

  • Spot repair

Hydrostatic testing

  • Proactive maintenance or checking pressure on water and drain lines under the slab before selling or buying a home

Swimming pool gas lines

  • Install gas to swimming pool heaters

  • Repair/replace gas leaks on existing pool heaters

Live Video Chat

In light of Covid-19, we are here to accommodate those who are choosing to social distance.

Some like to do their own work only needing professional advice to advance on their projects. We offer live one-on-one video chat with a licensed plumber for any troubleshooting you may have.
Do it yourself (D. I. Y.)

  • $ 75.00 for 30 mins

  • $ 1.99 per minute after

3.5% fee on all credit cards or Bank cards (not included)


(We do not always reorganize all plumbing fixtures, makes, and models. Many fixtures look the same and can only be described after being taken apart and seen in person. Feel free to call for more details.)

​Boiler repair & installation

  • Balance heat and water pressure

  • T&P valves (temperature and pressure)

  • Burners and thermostat

  • Maintenance

  • Carbon monoxide units

Kitchen renovation (interior/exterior)

  • Blue print friendly

  • Install / relocate any water, drain, or gas lines

  • New kitchen faucet valves

  • Disposals

  • Water filters

  • Ice makers

  • Drain,waste and vents stub out (D.W.V. - stub out)

  • Locate pipes in walls/slabs before renovation

  • Install/relocate washer drain lines​

Troubleshooting leaks and clogs (sinks/toilets/

faucets/bathtubs/sewer pipes)

We offer live video chat to help make the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) list simple

  • On the spot camera service to locate any breaks, clogs, or objects in drain lines

  • Antique faucets

  • Leaks under slab or walls

Camera service and line inspection reports

  • TV camera drain lines for a customer viewing or record

  • Floor drains

  • Sewer lines

  • Kitchen lines

  • Laundry lines

  • Cooler lines

  • Washer machine lines

  • Lavatory lines


  • Repair/Replace

  • Unjam

  • New Install


  • Home

  • Workplace

  • Business

  • 24 hour service available

Repair/replace toilets

  • Floor mount

  • Wall mount (wall hung)

  • Leaking toilet

  • Foul odor surrounding fixture

  • Replacing toilet tank and lid (keeping toilet bowl, when possible)

  • Unclog

  • Remove/Reset

  • Balancing incoming water pressure for proper flush

  • New layouts (new toilet location)

  • Clear water flow ports for proper flush

Repair/replace drinking fountains

  • Repair/Replace drinking fountains​

Repair/replace/convert tank-less water heaters

  • Install

  • Relocate

  • T&P (Temperature and pressure)

  • Water Balance

  • Flush

  • Maintenance

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