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About our company

My name is Samuel Charlez, I started plumbing at the age of 18.

I have worked for six plumbing companies, purposely filling my head with knowledge of plumbing and drain cleaning. I have worked residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning before starting my own plumbing company. I have also worked many years on customer satisfaction along

the way. I have been a licensed plumber since 2000 and have learned

many skills of the trade. I have worked on some of the most tricky water,

drains, and gas that cover Austin and the surrounding areas.

We opened our doors on May 20, 2010. We offer the best rates and

customer satisfaction guaranteed. We have trained professionals

experienced in all plumbing, drain cleaning, and accessible technology.

We aim for repeat business and customer satisfaction.


I enjoy taking time in troubleshooting; it fills me with even more knowledge.

Over the years, plumbing has become a passion of mine. I enjoy working on

some of the most awesome historical buildings Austin has to offer.

Teaching others the knowledge I have learned is always such a great feeling.

That alone has made me the plumber I am today, caring for the community.

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